Athos Demetriou Associates LLC offers services regarding any aspect of immigration law. We have experience in citizenship applications, applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment and family permits and visas.

Our Immigration team offers up-to-date guidance and assistance to both individuals and corporate clients in relation to the following areas:


• Acquisition of Cypriot passport based on years of residence;
• Acquisition of Cypriot passport through investment;


• Acquisition of citizenship due to a Cypriot origin;
• Acquisition of citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen

Temporary residence permits for third country nationals:

• Employees at International Companies
• Intra-Corporate Transfer
• Students
• Visitors

Family permits;

Long-term residence permits;

European Union Citizen and Family members:

• Citizens of the European Union;
• Family members of European Union Citizens that are not European Union Citizens
• Permanent residence of union citizens and their family members

Civil marriages;

Civil Issues:

• Issue of passport;
• Issue of Identity Card
• Issue of Birth Certificate
• Issue of Death Certificate
• Change of name of a person of Cypriot origin born abroad
• Change of name of person born in Cyprus
• Consular Birth Certificate